3rd Party Libraries
  • C++: QtEntity A C++ entity system game engine using the Qt toolkit
  • C++: Artemis C++ C++ Port of Java Framework
  • C++: EntityX A fast, type-safe C++ Entity-Component System
  • C++: EnTT Header-only, tiny and easy to use Entity-Component System in modern C++
  • C++: anax Open source C++ entity system
  • Flash: Ash an open source entity framework originally in Actionscript 3 & ported to other languages. Used in various mobile and web games.
  • Flash: Ember an opensource entity system framework in actionscript3 with dependency injection
  • Java: Artemis (wiki page) A Java framework for games ported to: C#, Python, C++, ObjectiveC, Blitz, Dart
  • Java: Entreri, A data-oriented, high-performance Java entity-component framework
  • Java: TyphonRT - forthcoming; component oriented platform for real time app, custom graphic / video engines, & game dev for Java spanning J2SE & Android. Features a top level component architecture which also powers a game oriented entity system.
  • JavaScript: ensy: Entity Sytem for JavaScript - Works in browser and nodejs, well tested, with examples and documentation.
  • JavaScript: esEngine, a JavaScript ES still in early development. - jlgrall.
  • JavaScript: Playcraft - A Javascript/HTML5 game engine powered by an entity-components system.
  • .Net: Rainweaver "The Rainweaver Framework is a collection of common and not so common utilities for game developers using the .NET Framework ver. 3.5. Contains an Entity System implementation."
  • Python: ecs Inspiration is taken from the Ash framework for ActionScript 3.0 and Artemis framework for Java.
  • Python: Grease A component-based entity game engine framework for Python. Fully OSS under an MIT license. Still early, but has good docs and is being actively developed.

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