We're looking for people to help out by taking the ideas on this wiki and creating: OPEN SOURCE, DOCUMENTED, COMPLETE examples, in various programming languages.


Format: Name / website,

NB: If you've built an ES, are building an ES, or would like to help build an ES, then create an account on this site and add your project to the list of "3rd Party Frameworks"

Dead projects, maybe?

  • Reddog, My entity system is half-way done. It is C++, PC only atm. - I'll try to upload in about 3 months, when I've had time to test it
  • questor, C++ toy implementation
  • Jos Yule (Hyakugei) - i'm working with an ActionScript 3.0 ES, which i did not write, but seems to follow most of the thinking behind ES: Ember by Tom Davies
  • dublindan, C++/Lua based ES. Codebase is undergoing a fairly major redesign (to better accommodate scripting amongst other issues that crept into the design described in the blog post).